An Epidemic, Or Just A Change in Society?

Published January 13th, 2017 by Unknown

What has happened in the past 8 - 10 years to our REO Market is crystal clear as I enter a new REO assignment here in Hartford County.

For starters, a new REO Assignment, is a new asset that has been assigned to this RE Broker, and first step is to check out the house, and determine if anyone is still living in the residence. Once an asset has been assigned, it has run its course through the process of being foreclosed on, and is returned to the investor. Whether the asset is repaired or sold as is, several steps are needed prior to the asset hitting the market.

What has happened?

Is it a Big Bank/Wall street Problem? NO

It’s not the tightening of Lending standards, or the CFPB...or anything to do with that loan you signed at your attorney’s office, and not understanding what you signed when that rate adjusts...

Anyone getting this? It's not the value lost or equity gained,

It’s as simple as a choice made, by 1.

A choice that has been justified by society & the courts,

or those that have taken the same course with their own choice and actions...

All industries are on alert.... you can contact the CFPB if you don't like your own personal financial outcome, you contact the media to complain it’s not fair, or maybe it’s the job, not paying enough, or letting you go.

But none of these above effects our foreclosure REO market more than this epidemic...I see it first hand, but you will never hear a news group discuss this. It has almost become Taboo to talk about this issue...and on that note...

To be continued....

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